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Exam dates of Professor Aschauer

examination process

The following areas are examined:

  1. The regular proceedings including the main features of the International European Civil Procedure Law (EuGVVO; Mahn-VO; Bagatell-VO); the Austrian arbitration law is only examined in its main features.
  2. The execution procedure with special consideration of the property execution and the debt execution.
  3. The material insolvency law.
  4. The general part of non-contentious procedural law and probate proceedings.


Each test lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Each candidate receives at least 4 questions. Of these, at least two questions will be from the area of the regular procedure and two from the other areas. Each question is evaluated separately. At the end of the examination, the overall grade is determined, whereby the candidate must have at least sufficient knowledge in each of the areas examined (regular proceedings; execution proceedings; material insolvency law; general part of non-contentious proceedings and probate proceedings). The text of the law may be used in the examination in appropriate cases, whereby the handling of the text of the law is also included in the assessment. 

Basic literature


It is recommended to visit the site regularly, as the examination times can change at short notice! We expressly ask you to inform us before the examination is scheduled on which days it is not possible to attend an appointment etc., as otherwise there will be constant shifts in the schedule.


Cancellation Mag. Birgit Meyer Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3347

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