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The revised version of the EuInsVO has been examined since the winter semester 2016/2017!

Further examination material:

  • Civil procedure law
  • Enforcement law
  • Insolvency law
  • Non-contentious proceedings - General part (of the Austrian non-contentious proceedings Act [AußStrG]) as well as proceedings in personal law and family law

The candidates will be examined seperately; basic knowledge of substantive law is advantageous.

Registration/Deregistration for the course examination:

The UniGrazOnline will register you for an exam within the registration period.

The examiners are allocated on the basis of their matriculation number, the last two digits of the matriculation number are decisive. --> Classification according to matriculation number

Cancellation of an examination is possible at any time within the registration period. Cancellation at a later date must be notified in writing (by e-mail) to the relevant secretary's office 48 hours before the start of the examination.

After these 48 hours, a deregistration can only be made by medical notification of illness. In the event of unexcused absence, candidates will only be admitted to the examination again after 8 weeks have elapsed or at the next but one appointment. 

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  • Professor Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser
  • Professor Dr. Christian Aschauer
  • Professor Dr. Thomas Garber
  • Emeritus Professor Dr. Wolfgang Jelinek
  • Honorary Professor RA Dr. Axel Reckenzaun, MBL
  • Honorary Professor Dr. Franz Mohr


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