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Research focus

Research at the Institute for Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law

The main research areas are:

  • Proceedings in business law
  • Insolvency and restructuring law
  • European and international civil procedure law
  • Law of evidence
  • General questions regarding procedural law doctrine 
  • Law of remedies
  • Legal policy of civil procedure
  • Legal questions arising at the interface between substantive and procedural law


In addition, emphasis is put on elements of business law in connection with legal enforcement and insolvency law (in particular by Professor Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser, Emeritus Professor Dr. Wolfgang Jelinek and Honorary Professor Dr. Axel Reckenzaun), law enforcement in family matters (in particular by Professor Dr. Daphne Ariane Simotta and Assistent Professor Dr. Thomas Garber) and arbitration law (by Professor Dr. Christian Aschauer).

The intensive supervision of dissertations is an essential element of the research activity of the institute. Therefore numerous dissertations supported by the institute have already been published in print and jeopardised by increasingly significant staff shortages.

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