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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser

Focus of Research

  • Austrian, European and international civil procedure law including the interfaces between substantive and procedural law;
  • Insolvency law and restructuring law;
  • Insolvencies of states;
  • Security interest law;
  • Enforcement law;
  • Legal doctrine of procedural law;
  • Legal issues arising between cicil procedure law and civil law, labour law and commercial law.

Research profile

The main objective of Prof. Nunner-Krautgasser’s research is the implementation of practically adequate solutions for complex theoretical legal issues. This approach combines dogmatic substance with practical suitability, and is ensured by a close cooperation with legal practice as well as frequent lecturing activities. Consequently, numerous scientific opinions of Prof. Nunner-Krautgasser have been adopted in Supreme Court rulings.

Prof. Nunner-Krautgasser’s research activity covers all fields of civil procedure law, comprising Austrian, European and International Civil Procedure Law, non-contentious procedure law as well as enforcement and bankruptcy law. Her specific research interests are the economic aspects of civil procedure law; in particular insolvency and restructuring law, the law of secured transactions, enforcement law, and general issues of procedural law doctrine. She is also involved in several international scientific projects. Her research is not only dedicated to legal issues relating exclusively to procedural law, but also to issues at the interface between civil procedural law on the one hand and civil law, commercial law and/or labour law on the other hand. Comparison of (procedural) laws and aspects of legal policy are focussed as well. According to the systematic understanding that formal and substantive law cannot be regarded as opposite poles but rather as homogeneity, Prof. Nunner-Krautgasser objects to an excessive separation of formal and substantive law, making an appropriate consideration of substantive law a key point in her research.

Prof. Nunner-Krautgasser also strives to pass on these approaches to future generations of lawyers. In addition to the training and promotion of her own academic staff, she puts an emphasis on the intensive supervision of dissertation and diploma theses. As a result, several of these research papers have been presented with awards.

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